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Beyond the Necronomicon, very little is known of the work of Al-Azhared.

The remarkable find of one-hundred and twenty-eight oil-paintings carefully sealed in a ruin beneath the desert and unearthed by an intrepid group of explorers, has astonished the art world.

Preserved on a carved tablet found with the paintings, Al-Azhared himself regarded them as "yawning portals to cosmic dimensions that mirror and gape onto our own, reaching and beeseching union, enfoldment in the maw of terrors un-namable, cursed these forlorn twisted prism that defy time and space".

Beautiful and sinister in their own right, observers have reported great discomfort in gazing upon the works - describing them as 'hypnotically grotesque' and reporting hallucinations, nightmares and even waking terror after viewing them.

Will you?


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The Lost Paintings of Al-Azhared

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