In those places between the civilized world and the utter silence of the dark, dwell the richly varied races of fae folk - the Elven Villages hidden among the canopy of the trees, the thorny thickets of the Witchfinger Woods, the Hobbitesque habitats of the Lowlands, the Portals of the Ancients in the Deep Forest and Austere Ice, the Sacred Mushroom Groves of Pixies, The cold Throne Prison of the Drow, and the Enchanted Woods - are known among the masses as Faelands.


  • 6 Elven Treetop Village Maps

  • Drow Throne Room

  • Magical Candy House

  • 1 Enchanted Cabin

  • 2 Green Thorny Thickets

  • 1 Brown Thorny Thicket

  • 1 Hillside Homestead

  • 2 Ice Portals

  • 2 Forest Portals

  • 2 Sacred Groves

  • 1 Enchanted Woods

  • 3 Cavern Tunnels


Maps are sized specially for FG at 1350x900 and under 500 kb each to help prevent slow-down during play. DM Convenience is the focus with carefully labelled maps and several ways to access, use and choose the maps in this module. Use the VISUAL MAP SELECTION PANEL and pick your map from the thumbnails and yellow label by clicking on the pin. Or use the RANDOM ROLL TABLE - a d100 table to pick your destination at random.


Requires: An active subscription or a one time purchase of a Fantasy Grounds Full or Ultimate license and any ruleset.


Usage: Download the file. Just unzip the file and import the .mod file into your Fantasy Ground module folder by dragging it into the module folder window and Fantasy Grounds will automatically load it.


Designed for Fantasy Grounds version 3.3.5 and higher.


The Faelands: Fantasy Grounds Meanders Map Pack

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