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A Hardy folk, the Dwarves towering fortresses and citadels squatting among the mountains are dotted with endless mines, some so large they scar the surface where the dwarves extract precious ores and metals for trade and workmanship. But it is with the underground our interests lie - come, see the marvellous warrens and tunnels of these warrior folk, their stunning homes, stores and markets and the machines and mines that drive subterranean commerce. Wander the many temples and gaze in awe at dwarven architecture, adorned with their clan banners, paintings of gold and ornate leather books on dwarven kings and dwarven history. Follow the paths to the sweltering forge or bravely tour the desolate depths of the deep roads.


124 JPG Graphics [Made with Midjourney AI]


The Dwarven Immersion Kitset

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