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This set features 28 Sci-fi Themed JPEG Maps.


This map pack offers an Intergalactic Spaceport with everything from the lowly Slums where shady deals are made to the Embassy Offices where ... well, shady deals are made. Explore new frontiers with: Casino, Hotel, Gymnasium, Food Court, Lounge, Red Light District, Resort, Mechanic, Landing Bays and Docks, Imports and Warehousing, Walkways and Observation Decks, Entertainment and Merchant Districts, Embassy Offices, Slums, Black Market Pawn Broker, Nightclub with VIP Rooms, Market District, UFO Bay Hangar, Vehicle Hangar and Port Extenders.

Spaceport GTW Digital Map Bundle

SKU: dmbSpaceport
  • This digital bundle contains a download code for the maps in your chosen map pack in 5 different formats, and is especially Virtual Tabletop (VTT) friendly.

    • (1). 8100x5400px / 27x18" 300dpi JPEG with No Grid (designated “L” or Large – ideal for printing).
    • (2). 8100x5400px / 27x18" 300dpi JPEG with a 1 Inch Square Grid (designated “L#” or Large with Grid – ideal for printing).
    • (3).3780x2520px 72 dpi JPEG with No Grid suited to Roll20’s 140px per square requirement (designated “R20” – specially sized to suit that VTT or medium memory VTT’s).
    • (4). 2700x1800px 72dpi JPEG with No Grid suited to VTT’s using a 100px per square requirement (designated as “M” or Medium – sized to suit most VTT’s).
    • (5). 1350x900 72dpi JPEG with No Grid suited to VTT’s using a 50px per square requirement or lower memory VTT’s (designated as “S” or Small – sized to suit limited memory VTT’s).

    This lets you choose from high-resolution for print, or lower resolutions to suit every VTT – so if you change or use multiple platforms, Meanders has you covered to work optimally inside your chosen program.

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