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GOTHIC CITY TOKEN PACK lets you decorate your Gothic City maps with a huge variety of seedy cyberpunk/gothic commercial neon signs for marking location as corporations, pizza shops and cafes, bars and clubs, jewellers and tattooists, red light industry and other assorted businesses. Additionally it offers an exciting range of superhero/goth/crime city elements by way of a large assortment of vehicles inc police cars, ambulance, tank, blimp, limo, garbage truck, taxi, buses, helicopters, tech and mobster vehicles. Elements provided for various story lines include gun crates, gift boxes, nuclear bomb, explosions, smoke, helipad, cash, barricades, spotlights, burning barrel and balloon bomb.


It is suited to any urban cityscape but particularly designed to suit the GOTHIC CITY and MODERN CITY Meanders Map Pack Range.


R20 Files include category/description [Tags].

R20 Token Pack: Gothic City Tokens

SKU: M5GothTokens
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