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GOTHIC CITY: DAY/NIGHT INTERIORS features 31 assorted Gothic City Map Interior JPEG Maps sized at 140 x 140px / 3780x2520px / 72 DPI with no grid. Gothic City Day/Night Interior set features a grim urban cityscape with hissing steam vents, fire escapes, narrow alleys and numerous blank building interiors* for you to customize your furnishings - the set contains a mix of Day and Night map versions of the GOTHIC CITY EXTERIOR SERIES.


  • Owing to the nature of Modular Tiles, flipping maps with pre-labelled shop signs would reverse the text impairing visuals. A separate GOTHIC CITY TOKEN PACK contains 64 Neon Signs pre-angled to fit a top-down perspective and let you customize your city layout to suit even after map flipping.


R20 Files include category/description [Tags].

R20 Map Pack: Gothic City Interior Day & Night

SKU: M5GothCityIntMixDayNight
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