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135 Piece High-Resolution 300dpi Detailed Digital Heraldry Banners and Custom Design Kit [PNG's]


Apply banners to your players sheets, game props such as letterheads, maps, envelopes, mark out regional control on maps, differentiate alliances, enemoy or ally movements, warfare indicators or use as player tokens.  Print to use as map markers, alliance and regional tags, adorn maps and props. Use the pre-designed Banners or use the kitset to make your own.


  • Plain Digital, Cloth-Textured, Damaged/Tattered and Assorted Variants
  • Vibrant Colours and Dynamic Compatible Designs.
  • 15 Different Aliiances.
  • 25 Icons.
  • Blank Templates.
  • Includes Extras with assorted Banner Tails AND Icons for personal customization.
  • Original Artwork.

GTW's Flag Banner Mega-Pack

SKU: GTWBannerpack2
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