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Description: A gigantic fantasy-based rooftop tile set for chase scenes, thieves guilds, rogues, villains, vampires, street urchins, lookouts and more. This set allows day and night scenes for RPG adventures, exciting chases and pursuits, exploits and escapes, simultaneously allowing action to occur on the tiled rooftops above and cobbled streets below. The designs maximise potential for story-telling, including multiple access/exit points, choke-points for ambushes, elevated positions for spying, poorer district derelict buildings, stately manor side homes and city garden vs the seedier red light district, wharf-front dock and pub, thieves guild,very dark alleys/streets and even a house on fire to add more exciting plot elements.In addition to the Main Buildings and Roofs it includes approx 100 mixed tiles in 0.75", 1.25", 1x1", 2x2" sizes for adding dressing and extra details to your city.

Includes: This Pack includes hundreds of digital tiles from my Deluxe Fantasy Rooftop Kickstarter for rooftop scenes, busy cobblestone streets, larger and smaller buildings, areas of the city such as wharfs and warehousing, manors and whore-housing and much much more. Please note: files are supplied in a mix of JPG/PNG formats with a 1" grid.


Usage: This pack contains a zipped PDF, unzip it for the code (or codes). Copy and paste the code into your url to gain access to a Googledrive account and the folders that contain the maps/tiles to download them.

Deluxe Fantasy Day/Night Rooftop Mega Map Bundle Code

SKU: FantasyCityBundle
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