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Atlantis, the city of gold - or so it seems, until one gets closer to behold its true wonder and architectural magnificence and the mysterious metal that uses the energy from the sun resulting in a golden mirage - was lost to us. We do not know what caused its demise - the attack from alien craft above, the giant waves sent in rage from elder gods below, or the hubris of the people within. Yet, we do know it was swallowed by the sea as sure as I write this. Believed destroyed, in fact, but few knew the immense power and scope of the Atlanteans technology - or that these 'Sea People' could breathe the ocean through their hidden gills. So did the fabled city sink from sight but not from history, energy from a network of crystalline glyphs still coursing through its gold and teal corridors, temples, libraries, gardens, ballrooms and even energising its transport. Its marvels and secrets remain legendary and many are those that go in search to recover the weaponry, knowledge and relics. Shattered though it was though, into many parts, the city remains accessible still, via the many portals, transport systems and elevator pillars that allow exploration. I caution you though, to take great care on your journey beneath the waves. Some areas continue to be ruled over by still-living Kings and Queens of the Underwater World. Some quite welcoming so its said, others who vy for power and continue to war over petty jealousies from their throne rooms, taking visitors as eternal prisoners in the belief they are spies. There is also great fear however, of the prophecy, that strange visitors should someday return Atlantis, to the surface...


124 Graphics for your RPG [Made with Midjourney AI]

Atlantis Immersion Kitset

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