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This set features 28 Sci-fi Themed JPEG Maps.


 This map pack features Quantum Teleporter, Alien Transportal, Alien/Allied Armories, Prison & Interrogation Room, Alien Archives, Alien Launch Bay, 2 Alien Command Centres, Queen Hive Biomass, 2 Acidic Egg Biomass Sectors, 2 Abandoned Colony Base, 2 Overrun Colony Base, Reactor Core, 2 x Specimen Dissection, Observation and Cold Storage, Customs and Detention, UFO Containment, Briefing Rooms, Species Containment, Galactic Supermax Prison - Cells, Isolation, Intake, Armory/Barracks.

Area 51 GTW Digital Map Bundle

SKU: dmbArea51
  • This digital bundle contains a download code for the maps in your chosen map pack in 5 different formats, and is especially Virtual Tabletop (VTT) friendly.

    • (1). 8100x5400px / 27x18" 300dpi JPEG with No Grid (designated “L” or Large – ideal for printing).
    • (2). 8100x5400px / 27x18" 300dpi JPEG with a 1 Inch Square Grid (designated “L#” or Large with Grid – ideal for printing).
    • (3).3780x2520px 72 dpi JPEG with No Grid suited to Roll20’s 140px per square requirement (designated “R20” – specially sized to suit that VTT or medium memory VTT’s).
    • (4). 2700x1800px 72dpi JPEG with No Grid suited to VTT’s using a 100px per square requirement (designated as “M” or Medium – sized to suit most VTT’s).
    • (5). 1350x900 72dpi JPEG with No Grid suited to VTT’s using a 50px per square requirement or lower memory VTT’s (designated as “S” or Small – sized to suit limited memory VTT’s).

    This lets you choose from high-resolution for print, or lower resolutions to suit every VTT – so if you change or use multiple platforms, Meanders has you covered to work optimally inside your chosen program.

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