#1 Incredible Diversity.

Need the Meat and Potatoes of a Room? Tables groaning with all sorts of interesting ingredients, processes, alchemical herbs and the like? Maybe the NPC was writing a letter home, or searching among a trove of maps, was a religious figure penning a letter to the King, or a thief counting his ill-gotten gains? - Whatever your needs, GTW is here to meet them. We have desks, isolated tables on a variety of floor types, tables with 2 chairs pushed in, tables with 4 chairs, hot steaming meals (and you can actually see the steam!) with an entree of soup for one or a banquet for four with goblets of wine in wood or steel, piles of coins and gems, bowls and plates, sacks of ingredients, recipe books - whatever your need we have it or can make it - push the tables together for an even larger spread or build your own using our blank table templates and sticker selections. Measure the passing of time and use one side of the card to present a meal and the other side to display the empty plates and aftermath. Whether you need to build a market bazaar, an alchemists laboratory, a merchants trading caravan or an orc-load of doors - GTW has got you covered.

#2 Attention to Detail.

One of my favourite pieces of Heroquest were the standing bookcases, the sight of them; littered with arcane tomes back to back, stuffed haphazardly with scrolls and grimoires on groaning shelves was always a crowd pleaser. One could not but wait to riffle through the rich myriad of baubles and belongings in the hopes of pilfering some valuable spellbooks and who knew what else! ... GTW bookshelves currently offers twelve different types with intention to expand that selection to dozens more. As a gamer I know how important it is for the worlds we build to match the level of detail our quests often require. That's why GTW caters to the GM in an unprecedented manner. A. B and C represent beautiful but standard fare - its what you'd expect from a bookshelf: books. And if your character searches amongst them, maybe they will find something else - but what if that something else was more than just suggested, what if the world itself inspired the GM who could spot neat little nooks, crannies, boxes, pouches, scrolls, chests, cupboards (locked & unlocked) or behind glass (frosted, clear, coloured?) to hide some of the neat stuff players might be lucky (or unlucky) enough to find? Maybe your gamers have found themselves in an Alchemists lair, if so, wouldn't there be bottles and unguents, elixirs and jars of weirdness as well as books? And what if, for purists sake, you really wanted them to find a particular book or item that you'd designed, and GTW could actually put it on the shelf on one of these bookcases? What if you needed a bookshelf filled with identical books, or chests, or cupboards high or low, or with specific content, heavily locked, even magically sealed?  Or to create an arcane library with dozens of bookcases? Then you my friend would grab one of our packs or for that extra special touch fire off an email to GTW with a couple of bucks and specifications and we'd put it together as a unique service to customize your game and bring your questers even deeper into your lair. With GTW, customizable pieces are now possible.

#3 No Stone Unturned.

One of the things that used to irk me about my gaming tiles is that they were usually one-sided. To show a full and empty pit-trap required two different tiles. More often than not too, when tiles were double-sided they were printed with the same image. What a missed opportunity to provide You with ever more value and options by exploiting that flipside space!  Not so with us. ALL of GTW's Game Tiles are Reversible. . That's right. Our cards are specially designed and take advantage of all that extra generally unused space.

Now you can build a room interior on the inside for your players AND get a bonus building exterior Free! The reverse-side of your cards can create the impression of a towering behemoth of a castle for your characters to approach! GTW wants you to be able to build the atmosphere and the tension of your campaign without needing extra pieces and tiles. Or if you DO need DO want more or to build a bigger castle, grab the GTW Castle Pack with loads of extra tiles. In addition, you can mix and match the exteriors on other GTW Tile Packs to get really creative! Need a few extra props? All GTW Tile Packs are even decorated to look like a Miniature Item and disguised as a Tomb, Wagon, Altar, Plinth, Larger Bookshelf or in keeping with Theme... Prefer ransacked, burned or burning, magically sealed bookshelves or tables on the flipside? Help us help You. Support us. Try one of our introductory packs and let us know how you go. If you love it tell your friends, if you don't love it, tell us so we can improve our ideas!

#4 Extras.

Just when you think your mind is blown we have even added another extra to each GTW Tile Pack. Each pack comes with a sheet of 0.5 x 0.5 in stickers designed to look like books, pouches, bones, dice, card games and assorted other miniature trinkets you might like to spruce up your existing game boards or even your GTW Tile Packs with! And hey, who says you need to peel the back off, the adhesive is there if you need them to grip but go ahead and use them as a temporary decoration again and again! So you have (1) Around 52 cards per set which are double-sided; (2) Fancy sets of stickers which can be used to decorate your existing boards/templates or jazz up a boring corner; (3) The outer pack the cards come in itself which has been made to look like a usable prop. With GTW nothing goes to waste - we'd even decorate the inside of the box if we could.

#5 Custom Design Options

If all of that is not enough to wet your whistle then here's the juiciest part.  Come and have a chat with me, tell me what you want to see on your game tiles. Want to personalize the shelves or tables with your own maps, game decor, or the shields with your chosen insignia perhaps? Maybe you need a table with a roasted peacock or cockatrice? Where the hell are you going to find a tile for that? HERE. At GTW we can design you a custom set of tiles or you can pick and choose from our packs or individual selections. If we don't have what you want, and let's face it, we're new and haven't built up a massive range of choices: tell us: what sort of tiles You want to see and we will make sure it gets built and made available.  Need broken furniture, the Kings chair, a jungle scape, a magical portal, a wishing well, an obsidian rock with glowing heiroglyphics, a dead body, a caged thief left to die, row upon row of market stalls and inventory items, a stack of cannonballs - come have a chat, grease us with a bit of silver and we'll design what you need.  Together we can make beautiful music.

#6  3-D Sculpting

It seems that the gaming world has moved with great speed to approach 3d sculpted tiles, and I would too if I could afford them! But, we've got the next best thing, or perhaps the thing that was best first. Yep, standing tiles up, and laying them down is not rocket science or new, but our tiles not only have a vertical, horizontal and vertical/horizontal range - they have a reverse side too. Theoretically you can use many single cards in 4 ways, and with beautifully ornamental cards that are inexpensive you can layer those cold grey flagstones on your room boards with a veritable carpet of tiles. With carpets, furs, caravans, weapons, trades, gallows, a huge amount of terrains, basic staples such as barrels, chests, chairs, statues, sacks, coffins, tables, pillars, furniture, portals, windows, display cases, fireplaces, alchemical equipment, curtains, walls of paintings, diagrams, posters...photo-realistic in many instances, and MUCH more planned or underway, its an exciting time for gaming tiles and the RPG community. 

     #7  Room Tiles

Yes, we will be doing our own room and terrain tiles too following the completion of our first range of game tile packs.  These will include but are by no means limited to: 


  • Interior Shots of Structures with surrounding terrain + second and third tiers, with terrain shown progressively smaller below.

  • Farmhouse, Grotto, Sacred Grove, Celtic Style Monuments, Tent City, Peasant Huts, Castles...

  • Rivers (Improvements: S and C bends, Bridge Tiles, Wider Rivers, Stepping Stone Rivers, Waterfalls, smaller ponds and water sources, springs, Forest with Forest Paths, Steamy Water, Toxic Water, Rapids, Log bridge, Geyser, more detailed water, swamps, fens, misty moors, stairs cut into hillside, grave yard, hunting pits, plants, sown fields (scarecrow), windmill)

  • Elemental tiles with a range of fire, water, earth, air terrains, tiles, in greater and lesser degrees of intensity.

  • Ravines, rope bridges, stone steps, stepping poles, fishing bridge, prehistoric structures, orc, elven, dwarven and human towns, villages, fortresses.

  • Variations in Land type, bushes, raised bumps, graves... door in hillside, boulders, fields, steppes, raised tree village, holes, paths

  • Campfires of different sizes

  • Night terrain - selection of boards with reverse in blue rather than bright green...

  • Rooftops, market area, bazaar, sewer setting, shops, rooftop ladders, drainpipes, caravans, alleyways, pubs, furniture, sleeping quarters, kitchen facilities, passages

  • piles of bodies, log walls, pig on spit


  • No symbolism marking difficult terrain from other terrain

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Did someone say 12 kinds of bookshelf?

Reversible Tiles, Laboratory inside, Castle outside! 

The Box for Our Starter Pack is a Necromancers Altar.

You REALLY can see your house from here!

     #8  Inventive

One thing about RPG'ers, we have serious imaginations.  Our artwork is loaded with story opportunities, nooks and crannies, little details that you can pore over our cards to find for yourself and maybe inspire you to take a new direction with your Quest. We do considerable research on our cards before we get started. Our Ye Old Shoppe range not only boasts more than 180 (yep, 180 and counting) different instant shop fronts allowing you to create an entire town in minutes, it pays homage to the classical setting of some RPG's with a return to very old names for our shops inhabitants. Allow your characters to get lost in an instant city with names and professions that'll transport them back to Old England and compliment the Cobbler, Fletcher, Baker (standard fare) with exotic trades such as the Scrivener, Silk Mercer, Chaunten, Cow Leech or Lavender. Use the visual goods outside the store to identify its wares or let your characters lose themselves in an exciting wonderland of what the hell. Take advantage of the unknown, develop new quest ideas and plots, characters and events with enough shops to genuinely symbolize an entire city.

     #9  Interactive

I can't say it enough - what do You want, what do You need from your gaming tile kits? Whats missing, what could be better, what would make a good, great, superb assorted tile set, or themed pack of tiles?  I'm here to turn your dreams into realities, and make the Gaming Tile Warehouse the #1 place you think of and visit when you think of or need RPG Gaming Tiles.