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Using GTW Products in Fantasy Grounds Classic

Instructions for use:


GTW Products designed for Fantasy Grounds offer DM's a unique visual selection panel, clear map labelling for quickly finding what you need. Your download purchase will contain a zipped .mod file - the official and standard file used within Fantasy Grounds for all of its modules. WIX doesn't accept .mod files so the content must be zippedby me and unzipped by you. 


Installation: Unzip the zipped file to get the .mod file. Drag and drop the file into the Modules folder of your FG program. I have provided illustrated instructions for how to do this below. Note that Token Modules are different to any other Module and have to be accessed from Tokens, not Library - see below for more information and instructions on both of these processes:



1. After unzipping the folder, select and copy the .mod file with CTRL+C. Now, open FG so you are on the launch screen. TOP right there is an envelope icon (your "Data Folder").  Click the icon to access where your FG files are stored within your computer (bookmark it once open for easy return access).

fg data folder.jpg

Inside your Data Folder You will see a collection of folders and one called "Modules".

modules folder.jpg

Open it and you will likely see all the other mod. files if you have anything else installed. See the image below for a sample of what my own looks like and note that all of the files are defined as 'movie clips'.

module sample list.jpg

2. Either drag and drop your unzipped module into this folder, - or - press CTRL+V to paste your copied .mod file into the folder.

Now Reload FG so the module can be activated.


3. Once reloaded, get into FG and open the Library folder (bottom Right icon with book usually). Select the button marked 'modules' on the bottom left of the the window 'Data Module Activation' that pops up. Scroll through to find and activate/unload your new GTW Fantasy City Maps module. Note: the book icon next to the module's name should be open or say "Unloaded".

See Image Below:

access module.jpg

4. Once you have unloaded the module, close the Data Module Activation window and return to the Library. Here you can see all unloaded/opened modules inc. your new GTW product among them. Click on the thumbnail picture of the module to open up a list of contents inside it. You can access the content from here, or from any of the other sub-folders such as MAPS/IMAGES, STORY, TABLES etc on the main screen. ​ Now your module is activated and ready to use.

The blue-circled sections in the image below show the filters for each folder where you can type the name of something to have FG only look for and open that something - or you can click the down arrow to choose from unloaded modules.

open module access.jpg


IF - you have bought a TOKEN Module - you follow the same instructions above - however when you get to step 3 you will need to open the Tokens Folder instead of the Library, and activate your GTW Token Module. If done correctly, when you return to your Token Collection it will have created a new Bag icon with the named Token Pack which you can click on to access the tokens.



  • You can 'Hot-Key' Tokens, for repetitive use, just drag them into one of the 12 hot-key slots numbered 1-12 on  the base of your FG interface. (Hold Shift, Alt, Ctrl or any combination of those three to create/access new Hot Key slots)

  • Hold CTRL over a token in FG and scroll the mouse-wheel up or down to make it larger or smaller.

  • Rotate it by using the mouse-wheel on it without holding CTRL.

  • Do not store your tokens in the SHARED folder as they will severely eat into available memory in the current version of FG. Instead make a new folder, called anything you like and move tokens you need over when you need them, to the shared folder and delete when you are done.

If you have Any trouble, please contact me and be more than happy to I'll help you out.

If you are looking for more information on Fantasy Grounds try the Fantasy Grounds Forum

or head over to the Fantasy Grounds College Website or their Discord site to get live classes and free instruction:


Thank you for your support, I hope you enjoy your product,


Kind Regards,


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