Super Terrain Mixed Tilepack

             308 Unotiles



GTW is pleased to introduce a new and larger range of Terrain Tiles measuring 1.25 x 1.25" (31mm x 31mm).  These larger tiles can be centralized within a 4 square block or neatly take up 9 existing HQ squares.  

Separated into two piece types, Interlocking and Free, Interlocking tiles use four tiles to make a larger terrain type, whilst the free tiles feature their own individually enclosed terrain type allowing for a greater variety of options.


Our SUPER TERRAIN set features a gigantic 308 tiles of molten, fiery and dry terrains including boiling mud, orange/green flame, embers, lava, sulphuric acid and hot springs. It also includes icy, watery and wet terrains including blue/green water pools, frozen ice, moss, quicksand, slime and sulphur pool terrain. Finally it includes some unusual terrain tiles from Blue Sulphur Pits, to Starry Abyss, Drops into Blackness and Blood Red Ponds. This set has been carefully balanced to give you a huge and diverse tile range with doubles of each tile type to represent most sizeable environments.


To make finding the pieces you need more easily this set does not feature a different image on the reverse, but has the same image on both sides.




What you get: 


Free Tiles:
Crystal Blue Water Puddles A x 8 (4 types)
Frozen Dark Blue Puddles x 8 (4 types)
Mossy Recesses x 8 (4 types)
Green Water Puddle x 8 (4 types)
Grey Quicksand x 8 (4 types)
Tan Quicksand x 8 (4 types)
Light Blue Iced Puddles x 8 (4 types)
Slime Pit x 8 (4 types)
Sulphur Puddles x 8 (4 types)
Wet Grey Sludge x 8 (4 types)
Grey Boiling Mud x 8 (4 types)
Drought Cracked Earth Recesses x 8 (4 types)
Orange Fire Pits x 8 (4 types)
Green Flame Pits x 8 (4 types)
Glowing Ember Pits x 8 (4 types)
Crystal Blue Hot Spring x 8 (4 types)
Yellow Smoke Lava Pits x 8 (4 types)
Yellow Smoke Acid Pits x 8 (4 types)
Abyssal Crack x 8 (4 types)
Blood Red Liquid Cracks x 8 (4 types)
Blue Flame Sulphur Pits x 16 (8 types)


Interlocking Tiles:
Crystal Aqua Pond Quadtile x 2 (4 pieces) 
Crystal Blue Pond Quadtile A x 2 (4 pieces) 
Crystal Blue Pond Quadtile B x 2 (4 pieces)
Crystal Green Pond Quadtile x 2 (4 pieces) 
Mossy Recesses Quadtile x 2 (4 pieces)
Sulphur Lake Quadtile x 2 (4 pieces)
Green Goo Pond x 2 (4 pieces)
Blue Steaming Hot Spring x 2 (4 pieces)
Green Flame Crater x 2 (4 pieces)
Glowing Ember Crater x 2 (4 pieces)
Recessed Lava Crater x 2 (4 pieces)
Liquid Grey Hot Mud x 2 (4 pieces)
Yellow Smoke Fire Crater x 2 (4 pieces)
Abyssal Crack x 2 (4 pieces)
Drought Cracked Earth Recess x 2 (4 pieces)
Blood Red Pond x 2 (4 pieces)
Starry Blue Rent x 2 (4 pieces)




#014C SuperTerrain1.25