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Modern City 2 Expansion

Thanks very much to everyone that supported the Meanders: DIMENSIONS Kickstarter which saw 30 new Meander dimension-themed maps added to the series and 40 Elemental maps too that can be joined to the special portal hub (The Xenth) created to help organize your alternate planes. This was a pretty unusual project to undertake, I learned quite a lot about different elements of GIMP that will help me to tackle more sophisticated tokens and map textures going forward. Every campaign teaches me more about my software and what it is possible to do and I hope that is reflected in the development of Meanders over the years.

So what's next?

As a prelude to the larger Gothic City 2 I'm working on a new Modern City expansion set featuring an Oil Rig, Shopping Mall, Construction Yard and Suburbia. Interestingly the Modern City set remains one of my best sellers. I haven't added an expansion to it for many years so it's time to give it some attention. I'll be doing Zombie Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic versions of the maps too - to keep up with the other urban variant sets I created. It's early days but you can track the progress of the campaign here where I'm starting to build the kickstarter page:

One other thing I am increasingly interested in exploring is the release of my own 5e adventures using Meanders Maps with specially made digital props and tokens. I'll be looking at DrivethruRPG print-on-demand options for fulfillment and will share any developments on this angle as they arise.

Thanks for supporting GTW guys,

I am planning for and hoping to kickstart a lot of other new sets this year.

Kind Regards,



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