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Hello Everyone and thank you very much for your support for my project. As it now stands there are just shy of 200 people following this project and I am hopeful as it ticks down to the last 3 days of even shattering a previous record for any Meanders Campaign both in terms of Backers and Funding.

The only limitation to my ability to Create these tremendous-sized worlds is funding and with the campaign now almost 3x what I originally hoped for - I have decided to create a further expansion to this iconic setting and create a WESTERN STEAMPUNK Set. I'd hoped to create a Steampunk Dwarven set but we did not reach the levels required. By contrast with this Western Campaign, though I did not intend to include any Stretchgoals given the vast size of the project already it has already surpassed expectations considerably.

I see the next few days as one of the very rare opportunities for this genre to get the love and attention it deserves: Wild West Maps are in very short supply, modular ones unheard of, a range this large only dreamed of, and Steampunk Western even more so. I feel my job as an 'interactive mapsmith' is to identify the shortfalls in the RPG industry where maps are concerned and address them so these beloved stories have the appropriate settings for you to immerse yourself in fantasy - it is enormously rewarding for me to know people are having such fun on something I have created: so this enormous Steampunk ship with two levels will kick off a new set that I will add into my campaign.

It will be created after the rest of the project so it is slated for delivery in full in August 2021. Currently it it just an inspired idea, I have yet to do research on the genre as it relates to the west but will be watching some movies to gain a better understanding - but I am confident this will be a well-received and appreciated addition. It will include modified buildings and likely some unique settings but I cannot give more details at this stage.

My Return Backer / VIPs and All-In Backers will have the set of 18 maps + the two Steampunk Ships included free as a bonus to their rewards - other levels have the option to add it to their rewards by adding $25 to their pledge.

Thank you so much for your support,

Kind Regards,


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