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M5 Terrain Expansion Kickstarter + News

Hello Everyone, there's no rest for the wicked; the Orcs campaign has just been concluded but I am here to announce a new campaign that will be launching today: M5 Terrain Expansion. This expansion will introduce 48 new terrain maps and also offers a second chance to get the previous m5 Orc Blank Terrain maps AND a massive discount on any Map Packs you don't already have.

You can take a look at the preview page here and get notified when it launches:

In other news, the individual Gothic City Meanders Maps have been added to the GTW Shop; I have made a new video to help demonstrate Meanders (viewable on the front page) and I am very pleased to announce:

Meanders DIMENSIONS will take inspiration from Planescapes described in D&D lore to push the boundaries of mapping and create 48 otherworldly locations, and a special portal asset pack. This project is already underway and scheduled for March.

Gothic City Part 2 is also in development and will see some very useful additions made to the city... it will be launched around April or whenever I have 75% of the project completed.

Orcish Maps are likely to be added to the GTW Store and Roll20 early March.

Finally, a Modern City Expansion is also in development and will feature an Oil Rig, Shopping Mall, Construction Yard and Suburban District. This one is likely to launch May-June.

Other likely additions are Wuxia Meanders, Jurassic Expansion and a new Sci-fi campaign.

Lot's going on already for 2022, please feel free to join the Meanders Facebook Group for more regular updates or to get engaged in any of these projects, suggest your ideas or new concepts/expansions for the Meanders series.

Thank you everyone for your support,

I am pushing to explode Meanders by 1000 maps this year.

Kind Regards,

Kris the Maphatter.


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