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Khasz Citadel / VulcanForge

Hello Everyone - Thanks very much to all my backers on the Dwarven Meanders campaign. I have been hard at work and present here a sample build showing what is possible with just the Khasz Maps alone. The 2nd Citadel Zhemolo is nearing completion too.

If you haven't noticed, there have been some changes to the front page and organization of the website that will hopefully enable seekers to find the map they are looking for more quickly. There are 400 or so Meanders maps still to be added to the site which cataloguing I hope to have completed by February 2021.

I am also preparing to add a new custom 48 hour turn-around map service called Vulcan Forge. Need a particular custom map in a hurry? Let me hammer it together for you with lightening speed, awesome pricing and 5 years of cartography experience and over 2000 maps created.

The next KS campaign will likely be in January 2021 and feature ORCISH Meanders.

I hope everyone is doing well out there: Here's a couple of free maps for your high seas adventures. A Steel Ship on a Sea of Blood / and a Brass Ship on a Sea of Fire.

Kind Regards,



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