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Hello Everyone - a brief update to let you know of some changes to the GTW Site.

I've modified the Icons to present more options when searching for single maps, map bundles, tokens, dungeon squares or by VTT. You can also find a new icon that will take you to the last Kickstarter launched.

I'm excited to also now offer eGift Cards should you be looking for something to buy for your beloved DM. You can purchase them in $25, $50, $100 and $200 values, and they will not have an expiry date.

Also new to the store are the Roll 20 compatible GOTHIC CITY Map Packs. (Individual Gothic City Meanders will not be available until 2022).

Thanks very much for supporting my work, I am currently working on the Meanders: ORCS Kickstarter fulfilment and hope to launch Gothic City: Part II in December.

Kind Regards,



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