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GothicCity Live / New Site Changes

GothicCity has now launched on Kickstarter and will be a 14 day campaign seeking funding for a new genre of Meanders. Check it out here and the 48 Hr and Return Backer VIP special pledges and thanks for your support :) If it funds, it will take the Meanders range over the threshold of 2000 maps and mark an important milestone six years in the making.


It has been hard to find time to fine tune the GTW website but I have spent a week making some significant changes to it to help make it easier to use.

  • I have added 350+ individual map sets to the Meanders Range including Wild West, Space Western, Steampunk, Sewers, Atlantis bringing the total Individual Meanders on GTW to just under 1950. This means almost every Meander has now been catalogued on Game Tile Warehouse in its standard set of five maps.

  • Newly added are new Categories on the front page each with their own Store Page (some previously redirected to a search bar outcome). This should help narrow down specific map searches so what you are looking for is easier to find. For instance, searching in Fantasy City would previously bring up Lovecraftian Dunwich, Atlantis, Tsunami Modern and other 'technically' "Fantasy" settings - this meant scrolling through dozens and dozens of maps to get to what you want. Now it contains just specifically Fantasy City maps in medieval settings.

  • I've updated the Meander Map Type Graphic that shows the Hex Map set has been retired in favour of a new 3780 x 2520 Roll20 Map Set as part of the standard five.

  • The Drivethru RPG link has been installed and redirects to Meanders Products available on DrivethruRPG (which may be easier more convenient for some users).


Please note that the new categories are not yet as rigidly sorted as they could be - roughly grouping certain maps together does not take into account a lot of other maps that may contain similar features but fall under another name. I.e. there may be cave maps among the Forest or Snow Meanders that do not appear under the Caves category. If looking for something very specific the Colour Ribbon Feature Tags on each map can help find it more easily using the Search Bar to do a search through hundreds of tags.


Meanders are also in the process of being made available on the VTT, Astral in a new specific size suited to that patform. 24 products are presently available with the rest of the meanders range to follow suit in the near future.

Welcome to all New Site Members,

and Thanks Everyone for supporting GTW!

Kind Regards,

Kris (The Maphatter).


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