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Dwarven Citadels KS Preview

Dwarven Citadels, Forges, Homes, Furnishings, Mining Equipment, Vehicles, Vaults, Prison, Throne, Elevators, Treasury and much more. Coming very soon to Kickstarter. View the campaign preview here:

Aim: To release FOUR enormous Dwarven Citadels, each with their own style, colour and purpose.

KHASZ - the most technological and active of the four built in a mysterious green stone.

ZHEMOLO the failed ruins of the Citadel that dared stand against the might of Khasz and paid the ultimate price, brown and tan in colour it is the source of archaeological digs and mining excavations seeking to extract the riches from its nigh-impregnable vaults. The crystalline powered mechanista of the Khasz roll mercilessly over the top of the less advanced Zhemolian debris that litters this zone with ease.

ARDAKHINE: Once the site of major extractions an incident that destroyed the lava dam flooded this area with molten metal making it extremely dangerous to navigate through this fiery warren of narrow bridges and molten hazards but the only way through to the last Citadel:

the formidable black stone prison of BOLOCH DA, deeper than many have ever delved it is a forbidden place from a time of great and old war, now a haven for the Deep Men, dark magic, ancient secrets and mysteries that lay locked behind great sealed doors.

[Preview still in progress.] ETA for Launch approx Oct 18.

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