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Custom Map Making Service?

Hello there - I have an idea I'm calling VULCAN FORGE and I'd like to ask your thoughts.

Getting a custom made map can be a very expensive and/or time-consuming process. I'm thinking of launching a new custom map making service called VULCAN FORGE available solely from Game Tile Warehouse. The concept is to allow small-scale custom map expansions [in the Meanders Layout style] requested by users for the Meanderverse. I would keep pricing low, i.e. $10 for simple, $25 for complex, $45 for a new genre and if you need them for a commercial project - no problem just double the figures. Turnaround would be one of the highlights and the map created within a maximum 24 hour time-frame. However - the trade-off for keeping the service inexpensive and rapid would be a non-exclusive map. That means all maps remain property of GTW but can be used (and sold if commercial) by the purchaser. That means, once made the custom map will be both sent to you and also entered into a GTW Archive, where it will be held back 90 days from public and then released on the GTW Storefront at the usual $1 price. Vulcan-forged Meanders would only appear on the GTW Site. The service would provide affordable custom maps at a moments notice and help expand the Meanders range at the same time. What are your thoughts - would you use such a service?

Kind Regards,



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