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All Quiet on the Western Front?

Hello GTW Supporters and Customers, just dropping in to share the latest artwork from upcoming Meanders that will provide over 150 new Wild West Maps to the Meanders Range. This is a massive project that has keep me heavily occupied since January and is likely to do so until June-July.

I've already made over 100 and that's just over halfway.

Currently working on

  • El Dorado: Lost City of Gold

  • Pueblo Clay Adobe Houses

  • Timber Fortress.

I estimate these to be done by end of April.

I'll then turn my attention to the Train, Train Tracks/Tunnel and Steamboat: that should be complete around mid-late May.

I will likely send out Surveys then, and start preparing rewards (Processing takes a long time especially with such a high volume of maps).

From Mid-Late May to June I'll be working on the Space Western and Steampunk Western Sets.

So we are still on track for full delivery before close of June 2021.

It is likely that maps will be available to the public Mid-July.

After which I will be launching a new campaign to expand a much-needed and requested map set.

Kind Regards,



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