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Token Kickstarter - Last Day

Hi there - last day left for your chance to get in on my fully funded gigantic 10,000 fantasy tokens for RPG kickstarter. If you're a DM - This is the token set to end all tokens sets. Thanks everyone for your support!

Q: Are the 10,000 tokens for this campaign unique or might I already have some from previous campaigns of yours I've backed?

A: What is shown in the campaign represent samples of my ability to create said amount of tokens, the art-style and proof of my previous efforts - yet as many as I have done already, I will ensure that backers see 10,000 new tokens regardless of what they already own of mine.

Q: Will the tokens have color-variants?

Occasionally yes but very few, there won't be many color-variants to flesh tokens out and make the 10,000 up as most software/VTT's can do this colour-change trick - so virtually every token will be unique. I would estimate 2% and only where absolutely necessary.

Q: How many settings will these tokens be for?

I aim to cover dozens and dozens of locations and settings to match most of my meander types, from Battlefields to Sewers to Treasure Hoards to Orcish Encampments and a truly vast array more. Honestly I don't have a figure in mind My aim is to create the most Total set I possibly can for virtually every requirement in a Fantasy Game and when I aim high - I deliver.

Q: Are you working on them now?

No. I am presently completing the re-manufacture of all of the maps for the Lost Mines of Phandelver among other battle, regional and world maps to fulfil my previous Kickstarter. I expect to deliver that campaign ahead of schedule (as usual) and then begin on the tokens. I work extremely hard and fast and have given September as a due date to allow for any unexpected interruptions to my schedule. As a DM aiming to run vast and new campaigns in the not too distant future, I need these as much as you do but I meet all my obligations in turn.

Please feel free to ask more questions: but there is no question in my mind you are not getting amazing value for money here - and may never need to buy another fantasy token, again. This is the token set to end all tokens sets and just 24 hours remain to get it.

Kind Regards,


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