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Zombies, Squares and Gambling

Hello Everyone - Soloman Temple Squares II funded (Thank you!) and is set to be available from GTW in January 2020 offering a staggering 288 different 144 tile sets for Fantasy Grounds Classic and Unity, Roll20 and print quality. In the end the modular set is now 41, 472 tiles in size, each measuring 8x8 units. Here are 240 of those sets shown.

My Modern, Zombie and Post-Apocalyptic Meanders are rapidly nearing completion and it is hoped to have them done and into Fantasy Grounds, Roll20 Map Packs and Individually by January 2020. Shown below are five finished interior maps for the modern set, approximating 21 separate shops and locations.

Also recently developed and soon to be available from GTW, FG, and Steam is the new Fantasy Grounds gambling and tarot module by GTW 'Den of Iniquity'. Offering a huge range of new games and activities for your RPG.

DOI includes

  • - 32 tarot cards with meanings and images, including a digital cloth on which you can do larger spreads with instructions on a basic spread.

  • - The Dyn Cartwheel dartboard and player/scoring token markers + a few extra tools to make playing it easier.

  • - 52 playing cards with substitute Snake, Lion, Unicorn and Gryphon pips.

  • - Nine individual and unique games that can be played in real-time or simulated with 32 possible outcomes, extra results that lead to skill rolls or fights.

  • - A DC decider and a Template that generates a variety of outcomes in text boxes that can be dragged to chat

  • - A range of low to very high coin amounts used to simulate winnings or losses.

  • - The power to control the length and complexity of games and choose instant results, DC roll that might modify instant results or all the equipment needed to play any of the nine games in real-time.

And now, back to the map mines with me...

Kind Regards,


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