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Major Site Overhaul Complete

Hi Everyone :) The GTW Site Overhaul planned for late September has just been completed over the last few hours instead - though if I have been quick enough, you may not have even noticed. I have made some Major changes to the Game Tile Warehouse store in this overhaul - but nothing that will drive you mad wondering where anything you are used to, is. They include:

  • The Upload of 30 Roll20 Compatible Meanders Map Packs with their own Menu Button and Store Page. Specially sized to suit Roll20 (With whom GTW is now partnered - woohoo!)

  • The addition of Fantasy Grounds Token pack 6 with its own Menu Button and Store Page. INCLUDING a drop down where the 'Using GTW Products in FG' page can be more easily found.

  • Re-arrangement of the Menu Bar to stack relevent/related pages together - INCLUDING a full store page for each Meander Category to help you find what you need more easily. + Fantasy Grounds and Roll20 Site Logo's with Links to each's webpage.

  • A trimmed down Home page but which now includes a BULLETIN Board for companions shout-outs such as Fantasy Grounds College.

  • News Feed Moved to top of HOME page. New Products Gallery underneath it.

  • Meanders Streamer Banners enlarged and stacked on top of each other more visibly..

  • Brown/Yellow colour coding for FG Packs / Purple and White for Roll 20 Packs.

  • Bio, Contact, Streams, Video Log, RPG Links grouped together.

  • Meanders information has been moved to its own page.

It is my hope that these changes will tighten up the site visually and technically, involve less clicking, enable greater visibility and quicker selection for all my customers.

I still have yet to add the full Shipstarter Map Range as individual maps - but hope to get onto this in October.

Kind Regards,


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