The Future of Terrorformer

Hi :) We gave it a decent go - and let it run its course, but unfortunately despite your greatly appreciated support and attempts to rally the troops everyone - we haven't made it to the finish line this time.

What does this mean? It means Terrorformer and Squareware for Pathfinder are likely not to eventuate any time soon as there is simply a lack of interest to make it viable. However, I will continue where I can and when I can to develop a release of Terrorformer for 5eDnD and release it into the Fantasy Grounds store in the not-too-distant future.

It is unlikely that I will attempt to fund Fantasy Grounds-based projects here on Kickstarter as several have now failed to meet even the base goal. However, I love Fantasy Grounds, I think it is greatly under-rated as a VTT platform having used it extensively not just to enhance DM tools - but also as a DM and a player and I will continue to develop tools that I feel shorten the burdens on the DM and innovate things that help player immersion - and where/if I can, develop and release the other projects that did not fund here. But - I will not be developing Pathfinder editions, and will be sticking to the 5e Ruleset for these soft releases. In the not too distant future I will be starting to release my own adventure modules (of which I have already completed 3 of 5 one-shots) that will begin to combine my tools, tokens, maps and story-telling into a new world and set of adventures within 5e - called 'Geas'.

Massive thanks to Laerun, LadyShel, Bunny and all at Fantasy Grounds College for your warm encouragement and friendship, Doug at Smiteworks for permission to give this a go, Rob2e for hosting me on his show 'All Things Fantasy Grounds' (again) (and which is a fantastic series folks), to all my wonderful backers for your moral/financial support and encouragement - and to Kickstarter for making it possible to at least have the dream.

For now - Kickstarter will be used for my mapping projects only. Of which many are coming...