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New Products - Next Kickstarter

Hi Everyone :) I've just finished adding the Meanders 4: Fantasy City maps into FG Modules and a new Token pack now available from GTW. A lot of work but now all Four Seasons and some necessary additions including INTERIORS and BLANKS are available to FG Users.

Together with the talents of Laura-Shay (Bunny) from FGC the next Kickstarter is shaping up rapidly.

Together Laura and I are developing the backstories and interconnection between the NPC's of LMoP, adding greater depth and re-examining their motivations in the face of a far more sinister current sweeping Phandelver of which our present adventurers are blissfully unaware. We aim to provide new alternative events, happenings and action to keep players already familiar with the adventure on their toes and a second chance to enjoy this greatly loved story - and weave a rich tapestry of new character development from which DM's can draw.But there's more... RTP asks, what are the consequences of the acts and actions of your former party in the original adventure? - and how might they have affected the world seven years later? In Return to Phandelver, you will find out the repercussions of your actions that have echoed through time, some with great gravitas - with New Maps, deeper twists and turns, comprehensive back stories and roles for evolved NPC's and new events that threaten to shake the land asunder with a terrible revelation of what happens when the 'Lost Mines' - are Found.

You'll be able to get a full set of ALL remastered LMoP Maps, Regional and Battle,


  • Swordcoast

  • Neverwinter


  • Old Owl Well

  • Agathas Lair

  • Wave Echo Cave

  • Cragmaw Castle

  • Ruins of ThunderTree

  • Redbrand Hideout

  • Cragmaw Hideout

  • Phandalin: + Barthens Provisions, Lionshield Coster, Stonehill Inn, Eldermath Orchard, Town Masters Hall, Alderleaf Farm, Shrine of Luck, Miner's Exchange, Sleeping Giant Taphouse, Tresendar Manor

  • Wyvern Tor

  • On the Road to Phandalin

  • The Trail to the Goblin Hideout

  • Kings Road Junction

Plus an entirely new set, seven years in the future, an all new adventure - and much more. We aim to launch soon - within the next 2 weeks. We are currently seeking to get Smiteworks onboard so we can include an FG Module Supplement with lots of other goodies too :)

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