GTW News

Hello Everyone :) I'll be sharing some updates and some news in this post.

Meanders 4: Fantasy City which saw an incredible 280 new Meanders funded is drawing to a close with just 15 maps left from the Stretch Goals to go - after which work will begin on the recently funded Meanders 4: Zombies, Post-Apocalyptic, Modern series.

Some of the upcoming map selections include blank interiors, fully furnished interiors, and the stretch goals which add a Waterfront and Docks, Palace, Bathhouse, City Gardens, Bazaar, Outer City and Arena - all of which will eventually be packaged into FG modules. (Winter, Nocturnal and Token Pack 4 just became available on Steam and the FG store).

In other news, TerrorFormer and GEAS, two projects also related to Fantasy Grounds have been given the green light by Smiteworks to launch later this year.

TerrorFormer will mass manufacture millions of incredibly tough monsters to decimate any party down to every last detail from naming them, to describing them, outputting their stats, attacks and much more. In a similar vein to the very popular 'SquareWare' - I am presently constructing a visual matrix to assist DM's in th