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Fantasy City added to GTW

Hello Everyone - After a furious few days burning daylight and nightlight I have managed to process 180 new maps bringing Fantasy City Maps from the Meanders 4 Campaign to the store early in individual selections and discounted Map Bundle Code Packs.

Blank Templates, Interiors and a variety of Stretch Goal Maps including a Bathhouse, Palace, Bazaar, Outer City, Docks are in development and are likely to be added in July-August once completed. These will then make it into Fantasy Grounds modules.

MEANDERS 4: Zombies, Post-Apocalyptic and Modern Maps has funded and will secure a new line of exciting genres for the series:

I am also pleased to announce that the Meanders series now boasts over 800 individual modular battlemaps! so Thank You to everyone that got us this far - the new campaign will bring us to around 850.

Kind Regards,


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