Meanders 4: Zombie/PApoc/Modern

Now 75% of the way through the previous campaign I am launching a new Mini-Campaign to test the waters for demand for a new series of Zombie, Post-Apocalyptic and Modern Meanders.

This New Mini-Range aims to create:

  • 18 Zombie Maps

  • 18 Post-Apocalyptic Maps

  • 18 Modern Maps

I aim to produce both Exterior battle-maps with visible roofing over the buildings and Interior battle-maps with cutaway roofs showing inside shops, homes, warehouses etc. These three sets can be used independently, with all other meanders, or allow for a time-based visual deterioration of the same city for story-telling purposes. I will include Digital Assets with every set, Exterior or Interior and if you get both of a particular genre I will provide you a full blank Interior Set for free.