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General GTW Update

Hello Everyone. I am now almost 60% of the way through the Fantasy City Kickstarter with the last of the four seasons, Summer, due to go out in the next week. I expect to fulfil this campaign well ahead of time, possibly by months. Some of these maps have been packaged into Fantasy Grounds modules already with others to follow in June. After the campaign is completed you will see all 280+ Individual Meanders begin to appear on the GTW Store.

Some changes to the Store include 3 new pages all under the Shop Drop-Down menu. 1. Installation Instructions for installing FG Meander Map Packs within FG. 2. The Difference between buying from Steam/FG vs GTW. 3. A note on the intended expansion of GTW content suited to the Roll20 VTT.

Project-wise, I should remain busy until at least late June - but another gigantic Meanders Campaign is planned and coming up fast. This time it will feature the much requested, MODERN, POST-APOCALYPTIC and ZOMBIE based Meanders.

Additional FG products I am developing include TERROR FORMA - which will generate millions of utterly ferocious TPK type monsters in a few clicks, much like Squareware. And - the release soon of my very own written modules for 5e set in the unique World of GEAS - and TRUST ME, when I say the RPG World has never seen a world like this...

New Token Packs are making their way onto the store too with 2 already out and 2 more to come, and more in development.

Thanks to all my backers, supporters and customers.

You can grab yourself a free Autumn City Map sample here (sized for FG Classic). Enjoy:

Kind Regards,


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