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Project Line-up / Updates

Merry Xmas Everyone :) Massive thanks to everyone that is keeping an eye on this little corner of the web and helping me to keep GTW running. Here's a little present for you all to spring on your players :) you can get full versions of them as per regular meanders with grids and dif sizes here:

Squareware has been well and truly funded and is growing larger and more powerful by the day. Tons of new additions have been added to the FG E-version and just a few days remain on this campaign which will further develop and then release a powerful new set of supertable DM tools using the Fantasy Grounds VTT software progam - with a physical version available as well. It's a big step backward from the original campaign - but I am pleased as hell to see this fund on any level, especially with Smiteworks support as an officially licensed product - and already new wheels are in motion to make it even better if I can secure assistance to build certain extensions to upgrade it in the near future to make it perform exactly like the original dice set - regardless I'll be looking for talented people to make that happen or learning LUA/XML myself if it comes to it.. Massive thanks to everyone that pledged or spread the word for this - this is the first Kickstarter Smiteworks have given permission for in a long time, so I am both excited and grateful to them for giving me a chance and to work with their kick-ass program. Check out just some of the thousands of variables which squareware FG will be providing for DM's.

DEADLIGHTS, UNDERVAULTS, VENMIRE WOODS II, GALACTIC CRUISER: New FG Module Packs are on their way to the official FG Store and Steam, including much needed Sci-fi options - with many more packs to follow soon. I aim to get all 560+ Meanders into convenient, familiar, useable, organized map sets for FG users by Jan 1st 2019 or as best I can thereabouts.

I've also finalized the selection for my next set of projects - with many of them partly done or in development, I'll be bringing out new RPG tools, hundreds more maps in all-new genres, my huge world-crawler Geas: Broken Gods, a Map Making Guide and getting my more than 4000 assorted Meander assets into token packs for FG and standard packs. I will be trying my best to get all of Shipstarter onto the Store too. Here's what you can expect to see from GTW in 2019

2019-2020 Project Schedule - Release Order Pending

  • Maphatters 101 GIMP Guide for Map Making

  • Geas: Broken Gods

  • The Temple of D20

  • The Lost Mines

  • Meanders: Modern

  • Meanders: Fantasy Cities

  • Meanders: Superhero

  • Meanders: 40k

  • Meanders: Zombie

  • Meanders: Post-Apocalyptic

  • Meanders: Jurassic / TOA

  • Spacestation Alpha

  • Soloman Temple Squares: Redux

  • Maphatters Super Token Packs for FG

  • Maphatters Eternal Modular Super Dungeons

If that's not enough - I will be running live streams as Maphatter teaching how to make maps in GIMP (hopefully with the new 2.10 version), live streams of my Arena of Death battle royales, and with any luck - the campaign of Geas.

One last thing - I am attempting to add and trial a new 'members area' to the site which will allow frequent customers to track their purchases, get unique specials, access private pages and more. I have modified the sign-up to only request your first, last name and email - I don't collect data, but this might be a nice way for customers to improve their shopping experience. If you sign up - let me know. I'll trial it for a while. I might consider bringing my forum back as well to help interaction and answer questions on existing and upcoming projects.

Well, that's all for now. Back to the map mines.

Kind Regards,


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