Project Line-up / Updates

Merry Xmas Everyone :) Massive thanks to everyone that is keeping an eye on this little corner of the web and helping me to keep GTW running. Here's a little present for you all to spring on your players :) you can get full versions of them as per regular meanders with grids and dif sizes here:

Squareware has been well and truly funded and is growing larger and more powerful by the day. Tons of new additions have been added to the FG E-version and just a few days remain on this campaign which will further develop and then release a powerful new set of supertable DM tools using the Fantasy Grounds VTT software progam - with a physical version available as well. It's a big step backward from the original campaign - but I am pleased as hell to see this fund on any level, especially with Smiteworks support as an officially licensed product - and already new wheels are in motion to make it even better if I can secure assistance to build certain extensions to upgrade it in the near future to make it perform exactly like the original dice set - regardless I'll be looking for talented people to make that happen or learning LUA/XML myself if it comes to it.. Massive thanks to everyone that pledged or spread the word for this - this is the first Kickstarter Smiteworks have given permission for in a long time, so I am both excited and grateful to them for giving me a chance and to work with their kick-ass program. Check out just some of the thousands of variables which squareware FG will be providing for DM's.