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Geas: Broken Gods - Coming Soon

Hey Guys - its been a while, as I've been extremely busy - but I'm very close now to finally releasing some modules that introduce and explore the world of Geas. 2 modules have been mostly completed and coded into Fantasy Grounds and I am working on a third to show Smiteworks prior to launching a kickstarter to seek funding to finish 5 of them that can be chained into a massive campaign. I've been designing all new maps, modifying and creating new tokens, and writing quests, making random automated roll tables, describing the locations and peoples of geas and much more. I hope to have the Kickstarter together by the end of October. For those who don't know - Fantasy Grounds is a VTT program that allows you to automate RPG, with effects, spells, items, combat, movement, quests, encounters, tables, maps, and much more able to be controlled with the touch of a few buttons. Its a truly magnificent program and I have been learning as much as I can about it in order to make playing or DMing my new modules intuitive exciting and easy. Battle in a gigantic arena, explore the streets buildings and sewers of my new city maps, set sail on a long voyage or plumb the depths of the deep in the water and the mountains with new races, exotic weapons, armour and equipment and an adventures on the edge of the lovecraftian veil - It's been a long time coming but it's not too far away from becoming a thing now.

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