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New Fantasy Grounds Map Pack: MEREDARK JUNGLE

GTW is proud to present its fourth installment of its specialized Fantasy Grounds Map pack Modules: Meredark Jungle. 34 Small-sized Meanders packaged for easy DM access, Visual Map Selection Panel, Map Roll Tables, and 21 Random Adventure Seeds. Fully compatible with the other three packs in this series, Venmire Woods, Shard Roads and Sammerket Sands. Once again, more maps, more effort, but the price remains the same. The module is due to be available from the Fantasy Grounds Store and Steam soon.

A special Buildings Module is planned for late 2018-early 2019 with a kickstarter for Buildings and Cities/Towns for all Four Core Terrains, Further Unique Features for each Terrain and A Token Pack that can be used across all four packs. Thank you all for your support - this planned Fifth Installment will help bring all four sets together into one huge interchangeable super-set.

Kind Regards,


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