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Meanders 3: MMandM Successful

THANK YOU everyone for keeping Meanders going and for supporting me and my work, its means the world and I am very excited to be adding 92 new maps to the range.

  • An Active College of Magic (A1) - UNLOCKED - Tier 1

  • An Ornate [Victorian] Mansion (A2 - UNLOCKED)

  • Wizards Tower (B1 - UNLOCKED) - Tier 1

  • Abandoned Heavily Damaged Turret (B2 - UNLOCKED)

  • The Dead Forest (C1 - UNLOCKED) - Tier 1

  • Spider-Infested Deep Forest Hellhole (C2 - UNLOCKED)

  • Standard Plague Village/Camp (D1 - UNLOCKED) - Tier 1

  • Flooded Village with muddy brown water (D2 - UNLOCKED)

  • White Marbled Hallways of the Royal Library (E1 - UNLOCKED)

  • The Smoking Ashes of the Burned Bibliotheca (E2 - UNLOCKED)

There may have been some ambiguity in regards to the number of vectors supplied, for which I apologise, going from the current levels, the extra 100 vectors unlocked by reaching tier 2 would make 350 for Return Backers, and 600 for my All-In Backer. However, the campaign page vs the pledge level is not clear so I am giving all Return Backers 500 vectors and my All-In backer 750 vectors.

Timewise - I will do my best to ensure an early delivery of the maps, and try for Mid-June to have them all done - with the sandbox and vector packs to go out sometime shortly after that. I will send any previous map pack add-ons pledged for in about 18 days after funds clear.

If you came to this campaign just in time, late, or not in time - I apologise - but its not too late, just msg me before June 12th (1 week from now) as this will be the last campaign in which I offer previous Meanders map packs and at such a discounted price. I do advertise, I have a meanders facebook page, I keep my website up to date with the latest kickstarter, and advertise on Reaperminis, Dwarvenforge, Fantasygrounds, Cardboardwarrriors and other RPG map sites, my own facebook Game Tile Warehouse business page and twitter - but I decided posting updates on much older campaigns was somewhat spammy and that if backers were interested in the maps they would be keeping up to date using my facebook or website links. I apologise if you missed out - as I say its not too late - but I didn't want to hassle people.


Kind Regards,


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