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Squareware Will Try to Relaunch

Thank you all very much for your contributions toward this campaign and joining me on the ride, even when it seemed certain there was no chance -many of you kept your nerve and your pledge and that meant the world to me. Unfortunately the campaign did not fund as you are aware so for now the idea remains an idea only.

I certainly enjoyed the enthusiasm many of you came to the party with - for that it made it all the more enjoyable even when we had to leave. I apologise that my own efforts were not able to overcome the inertia of the campaign this time to reach the necessary numbers - but also wish to thank all of you that reached out on my behalf to give it a better chance.

As it stands we raised 5% of the funding with little to no exposure of Squareware beforehand and I call that a pretty good result. During the campaign I encountered several different realities for squareware, one in the form of financial advice to become a corporation to lessen/write-off the debts incurred by having Squareware made - to help lower the seed money required to get it started. I also contacted an individual enquiring about assistance with turning the set into an app, but they did not return my email. I also considered approaching a larger company with the concept but I would prefer to retain control of the project not put it in third party hands.

In terms of the campaign - if you saw the video footage from the Nerdarchy interview you may understand the unique circumstances of this project and my own. To attempt this again will require some clever thinking about how to get around obstacles and look very closely at the business model it was set up with. I have already begun to examine it and consider the advice given to me.

  • I think a $1 pledge, and $5 pledge would help, as these small pledges from lots of people can add up to several thousand extra.

  • The extra exposure this project now has can give it a better kick out of the gate and gives it more chance of success (if you are still willing to back me a 2nd time) given that people will be more likely to pledge if they see others pledging (whereby I appreciate the low number of cancellations).

  • Offering a digital set of the mat designs may be another way to bring in extra funding.

  • Offering engraved dice as an upgrade when reaching a stretch goal may assist.

  • Removing Backer-kits 2% and saving to spend $1000 or so on targeted ads on facebook may help in a lead-up to a relaunch.

  • Renegotiating with my supplier and logistics services may net some small gains.

  • Offering some other select rewards - inc extra add-ons that I have developed as 'side-mounts' and 'expansions' to Squareware since the prototype might be worth exploring.

  • Offering a retail option might also be worth investigating.

  • Creating a digital banner for others to share in their travels may help get more interest from potential backers.

  • Considerations to include other types of dice might be worth exploring to attract more dice collectors.

  • A video showcasing the prototype could be created to demonstrate the product.

  • A campaign 'quest' could allow backers to participate in a story using squareware to determine outcomes, thus demonstrating its exceptional versatility and scope.

Overall these small gains/tweaks here and there might add up to significant flexibility in funding required to make Squareware: I am also more than happy to hear the suggestions of others in regards to a relaunch, so please do make suggestions and let's give this another go. There is clearly some interest in the project - 96 of you put money down and followed the campaign to its conclusion - and the landscape in which the project was born has been quite altered as a result. Squareware is no longer alone in the dark, it raised almost 6% of its funding blind, many of you have now seen its potential - and I am willing to retool and retry after attempting to make some changes to some of the above points and considering what others have to say. If we try some, most or all of that, and it doesn't fund a second time then at least we know where we stand, that the world isn't ready for squareware, and that we gave it a damn good try.

If you want to be alerted to the relaunch - please send an email to gametilewarehouse2017@gmail.cow (plz replace the w with an m) and I will add you to a private one-time email list (emails are not shared with anyone or anything) to let you know when it's coming and what has changed.

Or you can follow me here on Kickstarter

or if you'd like twice monthly alerts to my new projects and releases (including squareware developments) you can subscribe to my website email newsletter. (emails are not shared with anyone or anything)

Lastly, again, thank you all for allowing the project to get this far, I wish I could have put squareware on your desks but it might just take a little longer than anticipated. If you have any comments/suggestions/advice please leave it below. Cheers :)

It will take time to re-organize, but I will be back and I hope all of you will join me.

In the meantime, I will be attempting to fund the next wave of meanders soon, in June.

Kind Regards,


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