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Squareware is coming to Kickstarter...

After almost a year of development I'm finally at the stage where I'm taking the big steps into the world of international manufacturing with the innovative new die product I aim to launch in April called 'Squareware'.

It's a special dice kit using 15 D6 that I have developed that combines the best features of a Box, Bag, Mat and Dice to give you instant creative solutions during or while building your RPG - and - help the DM eliminate creative, mental and physical fatigue, minimize the need for manuals, free up space behind the DM screen, allow you to craft entire quest concepts in seconds and make it easy on your shoulders or pocket to carry. I have never made a dice kit before - but I believe in the idea, had a prototype made thanks to saved funds from my backers and I just hope that it will do well when it goes to launch.

As subscribers of GTW you get all of the best information first: check out a preview of the Kickstarter campaign before anyone else here:

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