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New Meanders Store Release 10th April

The New Meanders 3 Maps will be making it into the GTW Store on the 10th April. This milestone will mark approximately 360 maps or just over a 3rd of the intended 1000 by 2021 for my ultimate Meanderverse. Magic, Murder and Mayhem will be my next Meander Kickstarter but then I have decided to commit to a Post-Apocalyptic release. Some special unseen and unreleased Meanders maps will also be appearing in the GTW store on April 10th so keep an eye out for those...

Also in development are grouped bulk packs for each Meander Campaign with each pack offering a small discount and all of the maps from that campaign. This should help customers to load them all into their cart in one go and not have to add each one to their cart individually.

Magic, Murder and Mayhem is currently on track for June - however - recent developments with Squareware may see me finally reveal and attempt to launch a kickstarter to get it mass manufactured in front of a new meanders campaign. If that happens the M3: MM&M campaign will be pushed back until August.

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