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Meanders 3 Update

Meanders 3: Wave 1 is now finalized. This year because so many Meanders are coming I am doing things a little differently.

There are 32 new Dwarven Meanders (100% completed) including multiple Floors to some building complexes and all Interiors with full furnishing. Line-up features a Dwarven Bank, Numerous Houses, 2 Story Mansion, Forge, Ore Mines, Mine Tracks, Courtyards, Shop and Market. These new dwarven tiles help expand the existing Mines and Caverns available in the Meanders range. A lot of new vectors were and will be created especially for these maps.

Still in design are 16 new Dungeon Meanders. 4 much-needed stone generic layouts with an assortment of rooms and corridors inc. a torture room and cells - but the other 12 are broken into 3 each of Ice, Fire, Crypt and Drow dungeon levels - all very different from one another but still able to be matched to one another to make mega-dungeons.

There are 12 Dragon-themed Meanders, 3 for each of the main climates, Jungle, Ice, Desert and Forest. Each set of 3 has a 'Lead-in' from a road, then a meander with a set of obstacles or hazards to traverse (such as a swamp) and that leads into a particular type of dragons lair. I hope to have these last 28 completed by March.

In addition to these 60 new maps there will be 3 mega-meander Stretch Goals on offer - giant scapes measuring 54x36" with one unlockable for each of the Dungeons, Dragons and Dwarves themes and featuring a special design.

If it funds, return backers (VIP's) will be getting a special set of digital dragon breath-based weapon tokens and area effects with lightening, acid, flame, ice, poison and a few types of gas.

Kind Regards,


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