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Sample In Development: Squareware

Kickstarter and backer support has slowly enabled me to branch out from digital art and attempt more ambitious concepts as well.

Last year after I spent some time looking into common DM habits and needs and examined available equipment and the way things are currently done I was struck with an idea. I looked around and saw nothing had been developed like it yet.

I began to design a special experimental dice set used in such a way as to offer a vast concentrate of narrative but that also sought to actively decrease the amount of mental and physical energy expended by a DM in the hands, in the eyes and the brain. The feeling was that by understanding exactly how GM's operate that this specific design could lead to a large drop in fatigue on those three fronts.

By its nature I think Squareware has the potential to radically alter the amount of equipment required to perform core functions of Table-topping and offers key other benefits besides.

I am not releasing details of the concept as of yet - but I can say that I have partnered with a professional die manufacturer and am currently having a sample prototype made. Sample photos have already been sent to me and the development is looking extremely solid - exactly like my vision and I am awaiting a sample set in my hand and on my table for further Q&A.

This is a major step forward from digital art - much more sophisticated - but I am excited to be in a position to explore it and see what I can do. I hope to reveal what I've come up with and see if the RPG community agrees the concept has merit some time this year through a Kickstarter to fund its mass manufacture. I've been applying a lot of time learning to understand the logistics of the process, and especially so as a dice backer on Kickstarter and seeing how other dice have fared and the campaigns been managed, picking up clues where I can, I will be taking a cautious, careful, sensible approach to the whole endeavour. I expect many surprises and challenges - but every attempt will allow me to better understand how to improve any short-comings in making my products available.

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