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Mappers Delight Webinar: on Youtube

Early this morning I was privileged to take part in this webinar on Twitch by #Laerun of Fantasy Grounds College to get a group of digital RPG mappers together to discuss why we do what we do and also touch on how. This was a great opportunity to see and hear about the motivations, ideas and work of lots of other mappers in the industry and you now can view the presentation on youtube. If you were exploring the idea of getting into making maps yourself this is a great video. I was grateful to be asked and you can hear my segment at: 21:04 -46:30

The line-up included (in this order) #MapHammer, #GameTileWarehouse, #Andreas Baarbesgard, #VenatusMaps, #ZovyaMaps, #DysonLogos, #AnnaBMeyer, #AmaiAkDesignKokoro, #Flo"8/16bitScifiMaps

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