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Taking stock of the last 2 years as GTW

Since leaving behind my job as a ute driver delivering plasterboard and steel across Melbourne - and taking a chance putting up some digital designs on Kickstarter - my life has changed considerably, involving me more and more closely with the RPG gaming community and my hundreds of new associates and friends. In that two years I've created over 5000 tiles, 300 giant maps and had 10 successful kickstarters. I've been commissioned 45 times, created logos or assisted with art for some of the popular RPG facebook groups, had one of my ancient world maps used at the Dragon Thrones Live LARP Event in the United States, Contributed to the Italian Heroquest project, provided art for more than a dozen games being developed by indie developers including David Wears, Deadly Missions, Moebius Adventures, provided art for the notable Aubrey Hodges, selling my products from D20pro, made a veritable ton of friends all over the place, learned a ton of new skills pushing myself to and beyond my limits, been mentioned by reviewers, and even found work for others using my new connections: AND through it all I've had an absolute blast and been constantly impressed, inspired and loved the camaraderie of the RPG tabletop community. Thank you everyone whose joined/joining me on this crazy journey, especially my wife Anorha who stridently encouraged me to keep going - and all of you along the way who have made me feel included, offered kindness and advice, and made me feel as part of a big family: its truly been incredible and I still pinch myself every day, I'm very humbled and grateful to be able to live the dream and I look forward to creating more and more affordable art for the years to come expanding the RPG communities gaming options far and wide. PS - I sincerely apologise for my serial spamming the last two years - and possibly the next two as well. Call it passion. [I don't regret getting off my forklift one damn bit.]

Thank you,

Kind Regards,


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