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Meanders 3 in 2018

With the success of Digital Dungeon Bytz, the first of several planned Meanders 3 campaigns is now underway with the following list of maps in development, many suggested by backers themselves.

FANTASY - Spiral Wizard Towers -New Expansions for Town, Forest, Underdark. Ruins and Temples / Buildings etc that can be added to existing Meanders. -Swamplands -Infernal Citadel (Interior) -Dwarven Citadel, Forge and Mine -Atlantis and Underwater Coral Reef -Shores, Reefs, Islands and Ocean -Large Caverns -Haunted Mansion (Interior) -Cursed Forest -Lost Temple -Clifftop Fortress/Castle -Ruined City -Sewers -Roads -Plague Town, Medieval Village, Village with walls/gate boarded up buildings beseiged by Monsters... -Burning Village / Growth Reclaimed Village -Bloody Battlefield - Castle wall with Catapult/Seige Engine - Ripper London - Halfling Warrens - Flooded Tunnels - Medieval Market, Festival, Plague Camp, Docks - Mushroom Forest - Wild West Interiors / Box Canyons / Indian Village - Dungeon Crawler Maps -Battle Maps for Random Houses/Villages - Hilly & Mountainous Terrain - Aztec - Egyptian - Rivers /Fjords - Elemental Planes -Giants House -Volcanic Mountain - Manicured Hedge Garden - Viking Village, Longhouse, Docks -Mountain Path with Perilous Drops - Necromancers Lair - Arcane Library

ZOMBIE/MODERN Raised Bridge Bridge Various Overrun Streets Supermarket Military Checkpoint Gas Station Underground Bunker - Street Checkpoint - Mass Highway Vehicle Crash - Guard Tower / High Quarantine Wall - Zombie Frenzy - Street Mall - Mass Highway Vehicle Crash - Megacorp Tower - Cubicle Workstations - High Security Lab - Supermarket -Parliament House in London -General Assembly in the UN.

POST-APOCALYPTIC (zombie/modern without blood but with ruined buildings, nuclear fallout atmosphere, etc) - Map types In deliberation.

FROSTGRAVE - Map types In deliberation.

STEAMPUNK - Map types In deliberation.

MILITARY - Normandy - Afghanistan - Berlin - Iraq - Poland - Aircraft Carrier - Submarine - Sky High - The Reichstag - The White House - The Pentagon - Vietnam - Villages, Fields, Tanks, Dragons Teeth, Minefields etc.

All coming to Kickstarter in 2018 thanks to the continued support of you guys. And please feel free to add any suggestions for Meanders you want to see - I will do my best to accomodate. Currently there are over 275 Meanders - this year I will try to add at least another 300 with a view to making the "Meanderverse" at least 1000 maps strong by 2020. The first wave is planned for March.

Kind Regards, Kris

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