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Meanders: Update

Hi :) At this stage, it is likely that Meanders will finally make it onto mass-manufactured neoprene or rubber mats in 2018, with all-new designs and previous ones being requestable in a physical and digital Meanders 3 campaign.

This is a considerable step up, a risky step even, but I would really like to take it as I believe a professional product is the next step in its evolution and that if it is successful Meanders will be a premiere choice for gaming mats.

To initiate this process, the successful Digital Dungeon Rooms campaign [currently on KS] will help pay for a prototype of a smaller product range I would like to have made first: a specialized dice kit set I have developed especially for GM's.

Wherein I hope starting with a smaller product will more gradually introduce me to the processes involved in mass manufacture, logistics, shipping worldwide before I launch Meanders 3.

Approximately 75 Sci-fi maps have now been designed since funding in June with now less than 40 remaining before the due date of Nov 2017. I hope to create a third wave of Fantasy Meanders that compliment the existing ones - rounding out the terrain options further to include many more basic scenarios as well as new ones. 3d printable objects & structures, Quests, a new gaming system, the Meanderverse concept and inclusion of Meanders in my world-crawler GEAS are all possible tangents for the future.

Ultimately, the many kickstarter products I have been able to fund (and others I hope yet to fund) will be united into an evolved super-product that does it all. They are already compatible with each other - and thanks to my many backers I hope to continue developing and eventually release my immense scale dungeon game that combines the principles of all of them into one super megakit. Familiarity with bulk and international logistics will aid greatly in making this happen.

Massive thanks to everyone involved in letting me dream and create!

Kind Regards,


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