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145 Meanders In the GTW Shop

An insane 145 Meander: Synchable Terrain Maps have now been uploaded to the GTW Store. Just $1 USD gets you any Meander - Bundled into the new 5-pack Variant JPG Set with No Grid, 1" Square Grid, Hex Grid, 100ppg and 50ppg VTT-Ready map versions - you'll have a version ready for any RPG. Fully Categorized and searchable by terrain and feature type - thanks to my almost 300 backers - Meanders are now available as an instant download for your RPG campaign.

Yet there are still dozens more to come, inc 100+ Sci-fi by November - special thanks given to my backers, superbackers, supporters, friends, new customers and especially to Phergus for his part in the new design layout.

And - this...

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