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Meanders 2: My biggest success yet

It's over for now. More than 1400% funded, 2 personal records broken for most backers and most funding, almost 200 maps and a life-changer of a campaign.

As some of you know, the original campaign was gigantic, but had to be broken down into much smaller sets - and believe it or not, this giant set of maps is just one of approximately 5 sets which will include Sci-fi, Zombie, Urban/Post-Apocalyptic, Military and Superhero - and then loop back round to Fantasy. All of these campaigns will be set up just like this one - with VIP rewards, same pricing structure and run for 14 days. I will complete each wave and delivery 100% before launching the next.

WORLD ENGINE UPDATE: There is one more thing: during this campaign I was lucky enough to gain an opportunity to work with World Engine - who are currently running a Kickstarter Campaign for their exciting map/dungeon making program.

After discussion with Eric and Tobias, I can confirm Game Tile Warehouse will be collaborating with World Engine to include a range of GTW tiles/maps/objects inside the World Engine marketplace. More as developments unfold.

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