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5 days to go. (Funded)

Just 5 days left in my Digital Coin Forge kickstarter campaign. Almost 50% of Stretch Goals have been unlocked resulting in (1) the Forge now being double in size with over 200 templates and almost 100 textures to create all kinds of coins in minutes. (2) Printed Coin Hoard Box and Printed Ammo Munitions Boxes with your choice of coins/tokens from dozens of types of themed coin types + shells, bullets, casings, clips, magazines, buckshot/cannonballs, missles, torpedos, rifle rounds, TNT, grenades, arrows and even Six-Cylinder and Bandolier Templates. (3) Extra Add-ons including extra ammo, gemstones, crystals and more for chest hoards. (4) A variety of box design options.

Thank you Everyone for your Generous Support in my 5th Kickstarter!

Kind Regards,


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