Digital Coin Forge (October 1st)

I have previously run three successful campaigns and this time I am bringing you Everything you need to put together your own custom design RPG coins at home with this massive Digital Coin Forge Design Kit.

Yes - there are a lot of companies printing RPG currencies and even metal coins but none of them offer you the ability to CUSTOMIZE the coins to suit your world. None of them allow you to put YOUR Kings, YOUR Lands, YOUR Year Dates, YOUR Denominations or even YOUR Face on them and if you need a LOT of Coins, buying RPG Currency can set you back a small fortune.


With this kit you can rapidly put THOUSANDS of coin styles together in dozens of materials/metal textures and print as many of the types as you need and most importantly - customize them to include YOUR names, locations, persons, dates and denominations and details that fit your RPG world! All you need is Photoshop/GIMP or another artistic program that uses layers - my kit does the rest.

Just $25 gets you a massive DIGITAL kit with:

  • 75 Ready-to-go PNG. format templates to easily design Round, Oval, Square, Triangle, Hex, Rectangle, Diamond and even Ringed coins.

  • 24 borders, circular runic/glyphic inscription templates.

  • 24 material texture types including bone, jade, copper, silver, gold, electrum, platinum, steel, rusted, wooden, jewelled and more.

  • 24 image stamps/pictures to decorate/theme your coins.

  • Mix and match the different themes and templates to create new hybrids of coins and get exactly what you need.

  • 1 Free Font: Add that mysterious edge to your coins by using one of my personally designed alien/ancient race fonts to decorate them.

  • A Detailed PDF Instruction Guide on using the PNG. files.

  • A Template Box for your Coins

  • You'll also get the digital file for every coin I design and release during the campaign with updates of unlocked coin templates/new textures compiled into weekly posts.

  • All Stretch Goals.

$45 gets you the Digital Master Coin Forge with loads of extras.


Expand your kit by unlocking extra coin/texture templates:

Your donated coins will be melted down into hot slurry and used for making new ones! - the more pledges we get the bigger your kit. Help pour the metal into the new coin molds by pledging and unlock a huge variety of extra free different types of Coin & Texture template for your kit from Chthulu to Viking, Pirate to Dwarvish, Kanji to Futuristic Space Credits with Up to TEN (10) Templates/Textures added per Stretch Goal. I will be making coins as we go, released in weekly updates to show you what can be created with the templates - and adding the designs I make to Master Coin Forge Pledges.

Your support will also help unlock Ingot Templates so you can create bars of steel, iron, bronze, copper, silver, gold and more using dozens of pressed Ingot designs and Jewelled Coin Templates and Gemstones to add the wealthy lustre of encrusted gems to your coins using dozens of jewelled templates that will be added as a bonus to all digital kits.


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