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GTW: July Update

Hello Everyone :) Well I've quite a bit of news to announce as July 2016 closes so let's get to it!

(1) Urban City Rooftops funded at 134% and shipping has started. This product will eventually make it to the GTW website and a second set of Rooftops and Roof Expansions will follow it up next year. Huge thanks to everyone who contributed and backed me to make this a huge success!

(2) Soloman Temple Squares is now on day 42 of its 60 day campaign - by far my longest yet but I wanted to give people ample time and opportunity to get in on this exceptional project with extra time in case several massive kickies snatched up all the cash. Now 87% funded and very near competing its goal, Solomans secrets have started to leak out including hints of extra textures, some of which are showcased below... and some truly beautiful tile sets that could be unlocked if we hit several stretch goals. With plenty of time left - anything is possible, but rest assured, each stretch goal makes Soloman Temple Squares kits, infinitely better. Again, great thanks to all my backers - and a reminder that these squares, wet/dry erasable, are compatible with my upcoming gigantic quasi-modular dungeon... GEAS.

(3) "GEAS" an Irish word meaning a compulsion to do something is my attempt at a mammoth quasi-modular dungeon set with hundreds of beautiful tiles. Measuring a massive 54 x 36" with four boards pushed together this set is designed for 1" dungeon crawlers with special focus on that age-old cult classic Heroquest. Due for launch with minis created by Andy Atom Taylor, the creator behind a very successful Chaos Dwarf mini campaign this monster of a set will be launching after our insane Coin Campaign... Click here to join our facebook GEAS project page and offer your suggestions!

(4) Looking for a killer kit of RPG coins for your table-top adventures?

Game Tile Warehouse is planning a 250, 500 and 700+ RPG Coin Set with Chest-Box. Coins will have custom dates, denominations and backers may add their face to the designs. Coins are double-sided and professionally printed cardboard in a variety of sizes and will come in polished Bronze, Silver, Gold and special Jeweled types. There will be 20+ designs specially crafted by Kris McDermott plus a Plain Set and Runic Set- Coins will be available in Round, Square and Rings and in 0.5", 0.75", and 1" sizes. That's hundreds of Coins in a beautifully designed "strongbox" or treasure chest container. Launches 1st September this year.

(5) GTW has teamed up with David Wears of Grey Matter Games and provided urban terrain to help along a fantastic release and expansion by David for his Deadly Missions franchise - due out soon.

(6) And GTW is very excited to announce the upcoming release of the demo pack of an innovative new dungeon system and game frnachise called BLOODY QUEST to which I have contributed terrain, working alongside one Tony Petterson, Matthew Lee from Campaigner magazine and a slew of very talented game designers and artists. Be sure to check it out when it drops! BLOODY QUEST on FB

(7) I have taken the step to open an experimental Patreon account to see if there is enough interest in a steady and frequent supply of my work for table-top gamers and enthusiasts who enjoy my creations, so please check it out here: Kris at Patreon

(8) GTW is now also on Google+ Join us here

You can keep up to date with GTW more frequently here: GTW on Facebook

With a year of work now under my belt I am starting to build a quality collection of table-top props, tokens and mats - thank you all for your support: "the cosmic ballet: goes on..." ;)

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